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Tamora Torrence

Tamora Torrence grew up in the West Indies.  She graduated with honors in french and psychology, and minored in drama at the University of Illinois. Her famous quote is "it will work if you work it," in other words nothing is going to happen unless you make it happen. Tamora was 8 years old when she cast herself as “Vanessa” in the hit series the Cosby Show." She would walk around the house as if she were already a member of the Cosby family and swore to her mother that she should have had that role. With that in mind she joined every club and auditioned for every play and chores line from grammar school to  college. Her first major gig was a jingle for  "BBC Radio" in Barbados for a children’s program. She went on to do voice-over  work for PBS while simultaneously finishing school and working as a free lance model.

Her experience included doing advertisements for Essence Magazine, Johnson+Johnson, KFC, Budweiser and African Pride to name a few. Since Modeling Tamora has picked up a knack for fashion design and has started her own company known as Tioshi Edoshi with partner Edward Fong . She says" until she IS one of the stars she might as well dress them, Plus it gives me time to work on my acting skills."