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Chris Mimikos

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in the Midwest, Chris Mimikos has always found himself to be a ham, At the age of 8, Chris participated in the school choir and from there on out he has expressed himself the way he has always wanted, to be theatrical. While caught up in athletics such as football, wrestling, and baseball, Chris still found time to be musically active. From GUYS N DOLLS
to the lead in CRAZY FOR YOU Chris found the acting atmosphere something he wanted to pursue. Represented by MTM (Model and Talent Management), also known as John Casablancas, Chris found a substantial amount of work waiting for him. At the age of 18, Chris booked his first commercial with GREAT CLIPS, a hair salon throughout the Midwest. From that commercial he booked an AMERICAN CREW, was the lead man in the JOSTENS campaign throughout the nation, and modeled a good amount of print work. While attending Normandale Community College for theater arts, an opportunity arose in Texas. Chris was invited to an international acting/modeling convention. After participating in the MB EXPO down in Dallas, Chris was discovered. He then
moved to the Big Apple to pursue his long lasting career in the acting world. The first week in New York he had an audition set up for the character MARK in the Broadway musical RENT. He also booked a small part in one of New York's biggest soap opera’s, ALL MY CHILDREN. A few months later he booked his first leading role in an independent film called RUSH JUNKYS. It was a
dream come true' for Mimikos because this film was along the same lines as The Fast and The Furious. The aspiring actor has always had a love for cars and living life on the edge. Shortly after, Chris did a short film with MTV called THE INTERVIEW where he portrayed the fantasy of 35 year old business woman. Later that year Chris booked his first feature film called GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: NEW YORK where he had a cameo. Chris then booked one of the leading roles in the sequel to this film called GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: HOLLYWOOD. "Soon enough my goal as a steady paid professional actor will be fulfilled".