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Brian Arthur Cox

Born and raised in New Jersey Brian Cox showed an interest in the arts at an early age.  Being driven by music it's no wonder that dancing was the introduction to performing.  Along with dancing came a lifestyle which included fashion.  Eventually Martial Arts were found and used as another form of expression. Being a product of his environment urban culture was a great influence.
While in high school performing on stage with a local music group became a normal routine and gave Brian the confidence he needed to be in front of an audience. Being a physical person it's no wonder excelling in sports came next. A scholarship in football brought Brian to Kean College. While studying, partying, and playing football was the normal criteria, he knew that this was not a fulfilling way for him to express himself.
"Music was my outlet," says Brian, and with this channel in mind Brian became a full time DJ, doing mix shows live at other colleges and eventually into New York City night clubs.  Now, being in front of people making them feel good through sound, and making people feel good through movement and words would be next.
Brian began to study acting with Penny Templeton.  Soon parts were landed in films such as Studio 54 and Whipped. Along with shows like the first Sex and the City and The Chris Rock show. Parts in TV shows videos and commercials would follow as well as modeling.

"Making people feel happy is everything to me. That is art."